About Zafira

Who is Zafira Nanji?

Based in beautiful Metro Vancouver, Zafira is a dynamic and resourceful Senior HR Specialist with a proven capacity for building bridges between people and the companies they work for.  Often described as a visionary and motivational colleague, Zafira demonstrates a passion for diversity, strategy, cPI (continual process improvement), technology and digital innovation.

With core values of excellence, integrity, creativity, perseverance and quality relationships, Zafira best serves innovative companies that truly care about the people who work there, as well as the people they’re doing business with. She enjoys helping companies build inclusive strategies that create passionate, engaged employees right alongside of rising profits.

Extremely dedicated to her profession, Zafira continually strives to be the best in her field. Known for her strong business acumen and keen relationship-building skills, Zafira has a talent for quickly learning to speak a company’s unique language and helping to solve problems from the inside out.

Zafira’s experience is diverse, ranging from authoring an international training manual at eBay.com, to corporate training and international recruitment for two years in South Korea, to working at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Radio-Canada,Prospera Credit Union and now, Destination Canada.

She also has:

  • Over ten years of training experience, including curriculum design and classroom instruction;
  • Ten years of experience in business development, project & human resources management;
  • Seven years creating workplace inclusion, employee engagement & growth strategies;
  • Experience in Lean, Six Sigma & Kaizen Process Improvement Initiatives.

An engaging speaker, Zafira has also created and delivered well-received workshops and training sessions ranging from small groups through to 800 participants. She frequently speaks and consults on the following subjects:

  • Cultural Inclusion &  Diversity Management
  • Employee Engagement; Corporate Culture & Values
  • Recruitment, Retention & Succession Planning
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Mentoring & Team Building
  • Change Management; Continuous Process Improvement
  • Performance Management & Staff Development