A whole new world…

The internet has changed so much since I first learned HTML on the eBay discussion boards for my first job in college as an Advisor to professors and instructor to students on how to bring Technology to the University of Ottawa.  I didn’t know how to use pine for email or lynx for browsing but I was getting paid 25.00 an hour to teach others, so I definitely learned – and FAST.  That led to an amazing experience with Geocities, before Yahoo! acquired them as an Online Community Content Manager – ironically, a job that I still do in my spare time, and one I only resigned from to travel and learn about, what at that time people called, “the real world.”  The real world today includes the internet – in a phenomenal way, and had I known, I would have kept that Geocities job because, well frankly, Yahoo! bought them and I would have been rich!

For some time now, friends, colleagues and even interviewers have said “Gosh, you’ve done so much with your life, I wish I could just see what kind of thoughts you have, and learn from your experiences.”  I have done guest blogs, and blogged on Fantasy Finds for some time now, but I haven’t ventured into the world of “Word Press” or thought about a place to put my professional musings.  And ironically, I’ve designed a dozen websites, and had a presence online for so long, that it’s surprising that there isn’t somewhere you can just “go” to find out about me.  Not just Twitter or LinkedIn, and certainly not Facebook or MySpace… but somewhere where I 100% control the content I share.

Now, I’m not sure that anything on here will be *that* fascinating, but seeing as how I help people develop a personal brand and identity, and am involved in several business ventures, it’s now time to share a little bit of my professional insight and experience and to give back.

Thanks for reading:) hope you come back 🙂