I’d love to have a discussion on how you ensure that you “get it”.

There’s a lot of chatter, always, about HR being difficult to measure the ROI for, HR leaders not understanding the business, HR not being strategic – and conversely the other side of the debate – the C-suite needs to buy in to HR, the involvement of HR at the strategic and tactical levels is not the same.

In a recent encounter, I met someone who is a young HR practitioner who doesn’t have the life experience or … for lack of a better term … common sense/critical thinking skills to understand what her clients at work actually do. It’s much more about the prestige of working for her company and the awareness that she isn’t adding value just isn’t there.  Example: I have no idea what role X does.  I’ve worked at my company for over 6 months and this is the most common role we hire for.  I’ve done shadowing and asked questions but I still just don’t get it.

Please keep the discussion in an HR context — I know some business leaders who are “non”-HR professionals would use this as a case-in-point example of why HR is not part of strategic discussions, but a lot of us work really hard to be part of the business and “get” our product, clients and audience.

So, the question back to you is – what do you do to ensure your teams, and yourself are current and relevant to the businesses you support?

How does HR stay Relevant
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