This is not a new topic for me to discuss or think about, and as I start thinking about blogging more, here’s an example of something I’d like to talk about.

On a weekly basis, I get in excess of 20 requests from people to connect on LinkedIn.  Most are job seekers.  Most of those quote that they know me, they are a friend, or we’ve worked together. One a month, or less, uses LinkedIn’s referral and uses a friend we have in common to connect. Most of them use the generic LinkedIn connect option.

I struggle with this.  I know that in my field, and in my industry, people want a face to the corporate giant.  But, when there is no personalization in the contact, no given value, perceived value (in either direction) and knowing how hard LinkedIn makes it to delete people – I hesitate.  None of us want to feel used, and I don’t want to be seen as a “collector” of contacts.

One individual that I thought had some promise started using me as a job reference.  Another started calling me at all hours.

How does Social Media impact our lives daily? What about being raised in a 2 parent family with lots of “stuff”?

The reality is that the more millenials I encounter, the more surprised I am that they are “ready” for the world – I am often astounded by their mom’s calling to negotiate salary, follow up on interviews, and so on.  There’s also a sense of anger/entitlement that I can’t quite put my finger on when they don’t get the job or get feedback they don’t like.  It’s interesting. It’s not new, I’ve been seeing it for atleast 6 years, but it’s interesting all the same.

Food for thought.

LinkedIn and Networking
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