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Brian Price – Beijing 2008 Olympic Gold Medal Rower

I had the amazing and incredible honour today to hear Brian Price, Coxwain of the Men’s 8, Gold Medalist Olympian from Beijing 2008 speak today.  Brian has the most incredible story and passion and I was incredibly moved by his words of motivation – his mantra – Determination, Perserverence, Courage.

Having beaten childhood leukemia at age 7, Brian pursued his love of the Olympics from then on, and became an Olympian.  He spoke of the excitement of the Calgary Olympics at age 12; something I deeply connected with – as I was a 10  year old in Calgary… and of his fears, dreams and hopes for his children.

Most importantly (haha), he brought his gold medal, gave me his autograph and recaptured my personal Olympic Energy.  No, seriously…

I was moved by his story and the importance of the lesson that his dream took 10 years to achieve; that in the mean time he pursued a formal education as a civil engineer; that he took his lifes experiences and made them positive.

And I’m left, wondering… what I need to do next.

What happens next in this city after the Olympics?

What happens next to me?

If anyone is interested in learning more about Brian Price – here is the Wikipedia entry on him, and his official page.  He’s writing a book about the champion within each of us and I, for one, am putting it at the top of my amazon wish list!