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Separating personal and professional worlds.

Most people I know irl are atleast active on facebook, maybe on Linkedin and somewhat on Twitter. There’s often a lot of discussion around our dinner tables – how do you keep your threads/personal/professional life separate? Do you put friends on LinkedIn? Colleagues on Facebook? Do you need to do it ALL?

Firstly, right or wrong, hiring managers are 80% likely to do a google search on you. Do you know what comes up? If you’re not 100% secure with what is on the internet about you – do something to change it. Leverage the big companies and let their advertising dollars help you gain page rankings!

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with letting colleagues know you use LinkedIn for professional relationships and Facebook for personal ones. Or to combine it all if you have no need/desire to filter. Personally, I filter – but that’s because a lot of the people I work with professionally don’t NEED to know what I’m up to personally. But I *am* searchable. Remember guys, the reality is that we spend 1/3 of our lives (or more) with our professional associates. We need to cultivate those relationships and we NEED to do it well. If we’re not working hard at being credible and current, what’s the point?

Thirdly, Twitter – do you need Twitter? I’ll admit I am more active on Twitter than LinkedIn – and the reason is simple, its easy. It isn’t as clunky. I am forced to be succinct. I was on a webinar this morning and heard it summed up perfectly: “Twitter is like having your own newspaper column” -@jtodonnell. We all have something to say – why aren’t you using your personal paper to share it?

And lastly, Myspace. Myspace is fun, and pretty, and full of gifs and floating images and it’s much like geocities back in the day. But it is difficult to create a personal professional brand without techy-knowledge. You’re more likely to find templates that are funky, quirky and pretty… and to connect with music you like. My recommendation: keep this one personal.

That’s all for now 🙂